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Dkings Enterprises:

Real Estate Investing & Mentorship | Phoenix AZ

"Changing Lives Through the Spirit of Aloha."

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Phoenix Real Estate Coaching, Mentoring, & Investing

DKings Enterprises is a full service real estate coaching and mentoring company in Phoenix, AZ. We specialize in creating an environment that educates, assists and helps develop people and their skills for success. Our mentoring and coaching programs provide hands on training and support. We train you on the art of investing in Phoenix real estate and how to profit from it.

Real Estate is a lucrative investment strategy, and wise way to create financial freedom...if done right. Learn the market, best practices, how to find and obtain, wholesale properties, foreclosure properties, and properties that you can flip for a return. DKings educates you on the ins and outs of the market, and all of the available opportunities that exist. Invest in yourself and your financial health, and learn how to generate multiple streams of income in from the Arizona real estate market. The methods in which we operate are those that have been tested and proven successful. Our main focus is working with you. We do not just sell you on some course, but work side by side with so that you learn and apply the skills that are needed for the largest return on investment.

What sets us apart from other mentoring or investing programs?

Our team and methods are unique for many reasons. We use ourselves as the “Guinea Pig” in many cases where opportunity exists. This ensures that the opportunity is a viable option to create financial growth. We work with you step, by step. You do not just follow a manual, or what someone has taught you as good practice, but you work directly with industry experts. Many real estate mentoring programs provide you with the material to learn investing, but not the hands on training. We provide you with more than just the training program, but rather team up with you to make sure that you are not only learning, but taking the right action steps. Everyone learns differently. Through our experience and helping others grow, we've found that true success comes from not only having the right information, but taking the right actions. Team up and mentor with DKings and you will be provided with both.


Explore what we do. Come learn and grow with us. Contact us today and learn more about what we offer and how you can get involved.

(602) 209-7441

Phoenix Property Renovation Projects

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Know Someone Looking To Renovate - Get $250 For Referring Them!

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Are interested in learning more about how to get started with investing in the Phoenix real estate market?We suggest you hop on a free 1 hour call with us. We invite you to ask questions and learn how you can get started in real estate with little money, how to find wholesale properties, how to renovate a property for a return, and what you'll need to learn to have success in the industry. This is a great starting point for anyone seriously considering investing in real estate in the Phoenix market.

Phoenix Real Estate Investment Training

Many people are aware that the real estate market is lucrative, and that a lot of people make a substantial income, buying, selling and investing in Phoenix real estate. However, many people are unsure of how it all exactly works, and how to really get started making money in real estate. There are few resources that walk you through the entire process of purchasing, renovating and reselling, and even fewer that will hold your hand through the whole process. The capital intensive aspect of investing in real estate detours people. This causes many people to doubt their ability to participate, or makes them fearful of the potential risk of losing money.

We know this is how people feel, because we have felt all the same feelings and more. The entry bar for getting into real estate investing is high. It requires a lot of experience and insight to attain the results that most seek. Here at DKings we aim to mitigate the risk for entry level investors by walking through the process with them. We put our money where our mouth is and test out investment opportunities before we ever recommend them to others. We trust in our ability to make sound investment decisions and act as a guinea pig, to prove the viability of a real estate investment opportunity.

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Mentoring with DKings - Phoenix, AZ Our mentorship programs include hands on

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Financial Fitness

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Property Renovations

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Wholesale Properties

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Cash For Your House

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Our Vision & Our Mission

Changing Lives Through the Spirit of "ALOHA"

A kahai~kindness L okahi~unity O lu olu~mindfulness H a'a ha'a~humility A honui~patience

Aloha is more than just a word, but a way of life. Being born and raised in Hawaii, it is the spirit in which founder of DKings, Kaulana Deleon, brings to his business. This spirit is now the very foundation DKings Enterprises operates in both life and business. The spirit of Aloha is meant to give and share with others. The reward of giving to positively impact the lives of others is really what it is all about. DKings lives and operates by these principles, and has established a large network of like minded professionals. Offering a variety of growth oriented services and a network of people that continually inspires and expands, more resources have become available and even more opportunities have been created.

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